Edmund (Ned) Collins 1817 – 1862; The Convict Baker’s Boy.


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The story of one Family Historian’s search for Ned Collins, Highwayman and Australian Convict.

A case study in how to trace convict ancestors, this book contains tips and hints on how and where clues to “Australian Royalty” might lie, where to find free access to convict records, and how persistence, patience and an understanding of the history of transportation can remove bricks from your family history wall.


ISBN 978-0-6483104-2-6


Edmund (Ned) Collins 1817 – 1862; the Convict Baker’s Boy,’ is a case study in tracing convict ancestors.  Beginning long before there were digitised records, the mystery surrounding Ned’s arrival and early life in Australia has taken many years of painstaking research to solve.

This is Ned’s story, told through the eyes of Family Historian and writer Christine Sutton, a genealogist and family historian with over 37 years of Family History experience.

Throughout the story, Chris shares her research methods and the physical and electronic sources of information she used to bring down the brick walls surrounding Ned’s origin. You will find tips and hints on how and where clues to your own mysteries might be found, where the free sources of convict records are, and how persistence, patience and an understanding of Australia State record archives and the Digitial Panapticon can remove bricks from the genealogical wall.

Not only will readers find this book helpful in overcoming their inevitable brick walls and finding new sources of information, they will discover a little more about the life, times and struggles of ordinary people in a very vibrant period of Australian history.

Christine Sutton holds a Diploma in Family History from the University of Tasmania.

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