Calling all Garlic Intolerants!

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Creative Cooking & Eating in a Garlic Free Zone

by Christine Sutton

A word from the author

Now, I love my food. The choice between bland and bloating is not one I’m prepared to make. Over the last 20+ years, I have found, through research and experimentation, garlic substitutes that allow the allium intolerant to create and enjoy delicious, creative and flavoursome food. 

Not that I don’t like garlic. I do. I love it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t love me. Any hint of garlic suffices to send me bolting to the bathroom with stomach cramps, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea. My body is intolerant of garlic in any form, whole, crushed, sliced, diced, powdered, and crystallised. There are millions like me all around the world, some also intolerant of onion. The only way for us to avoid illness is to avoid garlic and often the rest of the onion family, in any form.  And there are millions of others who simply don’t like garlic, and choose not to eat it.

This book provides a resource for all of them to cook for themselves, their family and friends, food at its most flavoursome, mouth-watering, delicious best – minus the enemy.

In this book you will find;

  • Garlic free recipes for basic stocks, condiments, sauces, curry pastes and dressings.
  • 50+ garlic free recipes for popular dishes from Australian/British, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian and Indian cuisines
  • Pantry essential for these international cuisines
  • Information about substitutes garlic that will add to the flavour and deliciousness of your food
  • Where to find the substitutes
  • Conversion tables from Australian to US and UK metric measures.

My aim in sharing this collection is to encourage everyone, from home cooks to renowned chefs, to be creative in cooking and eating great food, garlic free. 

We deserve wider choices than The Bland or The Bloating!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the mouth watering,
garlic free deliciousness you’ll find inside.

Sauces and Condiments
From the Middle Eastern Section
This and the pages below from the Asian foods