The M C Sutton Online Bookstore

At MC Sutton Publications we believe everyone has story to tell. Every writer should have the chance to find their voice and have it heard. However, with the gradual loss of popularity of reading as a pastime, writers, whether young, middle aged or older, have a hard time reaching the public.

The competition is intense. Publishers take only a few books into their lists each year.Without employing a literary agent, it is almost impossible, and very expensive, to get a book published. Most publishing houses will not take an unsolicited manuscript. Those that consider unsolicited work, require you to upload your manuscript online, and if you haven’t heard from them after three months, consider your book rejected. No feedback, no reasons why, just a long wait and silence.

There is a publishing avenue open to every author – DIY. With the barriers to publication so high, more and more writers are turning to publishing their own books as an alternative. It is a good pathway to take, but one fraught with danger, in which a good deal of time and effort, not to mention money, can be wasted.

This is where M C Sutton Publications can provide a guide and mentor to get you started and help you avoid the garage full of unsold books that can be the end result of the DIY process. We support first time writers through the publishing process, providing editing and publishing services at an affordable cost. We teach you how DIY publish as we take your book to print. And we don’t stop there.

We offer our family of writers the opportunity to market and sell their books online through the MC Sutton Online Bookshop. ALL of the profit goes to the person who wrote the book. All the author pays for is the printing costs and any credit card charges. No royalties, no fees and charges for listing the book for sale, no commissions to be paid.

Learn more about the publishing process here.