You’re Never Too Old To Quilt!

There is powerful evidence-based research that proves quilting is a desirable and valuable activity to brain health, wellbeing and maintenance of social ties and independence as we age. Neurologists and specialists in ageing know its physical benefits to the Over 65s. However, try as we might, we can’t control the physical effects of age on our body. For some, physical ageing can be a challenge, if not a barrier, to continuing to quilt.

Chris has been quilting for 40+ years and teaches Beginning Quilting for the over 50’s age group. As a self confessed “Old Chook quilter on the 80 side of 70”, she is concerned at the number of veteran quilters who are finding the challenge to hard and giving their beloved pastime away.

The good news,” Christine explains, “is that ageing doesn’t have to stop you doing what you love. There are rulers designed to make it virtually impossible not to cut a straight line, even if you have a slight hand tremor, cutters that take all the pressure off arthritic hands and sore wrists, there are even digital cutters that do it all for you.” 

In her book, “You’re Never Too Old To Quilt”, she presents a guide for those who struggle to keep quilting because they are experiencing the physical challenges of such age related challenges as arthritis or back pain. experiencing physical challenges, have been hesitant to try. And not only veteran quilters, but younger, similarly challenged, would-be quilters, who would like to learn but think it’s not possible.

It’s a “How to quilt if, like me, you’re an Old Chook or Tough Old Rooster with a sore body, ” she laughs, “or a Spring Chicken who wants to learn to quilt and enjoy it for many years.