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Well your book has arrived and I’m right into it! Well done – yes a great read, especially when one knows of people and places you mention.    Ross M.

I can’t stop, I’ve got twenty pages to go and I can’t wait. I haven’t been able to put it down, I’ve laughed and I’ve cried, and all of that, it is a great read.   Lorna


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The Life of an Ordinary Bloke  by The Barra
The biography of an extra-ordinary Ordinary Bloke.

Copyright John Manson Barraclough (The Barra)

First Published 2020 by M.C. Sutton Publishers,  Beachmere, Qld, Australia

ISBN 978-0-6483106-6-4

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When John Barraclough, a boy growing up on the North Island of New Zealand in the 1960s, leaves school without his School Certificate he has no idea that life will turn an Ordinary Bloke into an extra-ordinary man.  

Nor has he any inkling that it will take him from the little NZ town of Opunake to the busy mining town of Gove in tropical Northern Territory, to a dairy farm in Victoria, the coal fields of Africa and to tyre recycling plants in California and Spain. 

With a thirst for knowledge and problem solving skills born of necessity and an enquiring mind, this self-taught dairy farmer, draftsman, engineer and builder has knocked down every challenge that life has thrown at him with relish. Including surviving a broken neck by holding his own head in place while he ran for help! 

The Barra is the living proof that it doesn’t take a piece of paper to make a great bloke.

Follow ‘The Barra’s’ incredible journey through life. Laugh and cry along with the boy, the man, the husband and father, workmate, friend and all-round good Bloke.  It’s a great yarn.

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